Trista Stevens

First Impressions

Trista is an awfully naught girl. Most teen babes don’t give away much on their free tour, but Trista is happy to let us know that she loves to suck dick, have sex and play with her pussy whenever she gets the chance. There’s also a picture of her in a super naughty schoolgirl outfit that had my mouth hanging open. Her body is slim and tight with a small pair of perky breasts and a great ass. She obviously keeps herself in shape, which is for the benefit of us all.

Hot Promises

Trista makes sure to point out that she’s a hardcore girl, unlike most other solo babes online. Her tour features images of her sucking dick and fucking, which you’ll find to be a rarity once you visit enough solo girl sites. Even rarer is finding a girl as good looking as Trista willing to do such things for her fans. She offers video clips, picture galleries, wallpapers and access to webcam shows featuring other models. You’re also given 10 bonus sites when you sign up. She really is a dirty girl and her member’s area should confirm that further.


I’m excited, mostly because a solo hardcore teen babe is such a rarity. If Trista is everything she promised on the tour this should be a wild ride. Things begin with a short introductory note from Trista thanking me for joining her site. Below that there’s a list of the most recent updates. In the past two months the only thing that’s been added is wallpapers, which leads me to believe original updates are a thing of the past; kudos to them for continuing to add something though. Farther down you’ll find images from the most recent content updates and links to the 10 bonus sites that come with your membership.

Eager to get to the content I headed to the picture galleries first. Trista has 57 image sets for her members, each with 40-100 images. You can browse a medium or high resolution version of each set or use the slideshow feature for hands free enjoyment. Each gallery is denoted by a thumbnail and a title, making them easy to browse. When you pick a set the thumbnails load on one page and the full sized images open on an html page. Sometimes this slows down the loading, but it’s not egregious.

As it turns out Trista wasn’t kidding about being a dirty girl. She’s also not nearly as hardcore as the tour might lead you to believe, at least not in her picture galleries. I saw only one gallery with a dick; Trista was giving head in the 40 picture set and it was hot. Other than it’s all stripping and masturbating, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Trista is exceptionally good looking and she has a tight, athletic body that’s a pleasure to see naked, so it’s a pleasure to watch her strip.

I was a little disappointed not to see her in more lingerie. The most recent galleries feature a fair number of lingerie sets, but the majority of her picture galleries show her stripping from outfits consisting of jeans and tight tops. She usually doesn’t even wear a bra because her breasts are so perky. Still, the point is seeing her naked and in many cases watching as she fucks herself with a dildo, a vegetable, a bottle or some other household item.

The videos are quite a bit more explicit than the picture galleries. There are 29 videos for download and in at least six of them Trista is getting it on with a well hung stud. Strangely, only some of the videos are available in a high resolution (640x480) while others can only be downloaded in the crappy low resolution (320x240). I’m not sure what prompted them to upload certain clips in both resolutions, but I wish they had done it for all of them.

In almost every video at TristaStevens the lovely raven haired model is playing with her pussy. When it’s not being stuffed with dick she’s fucking herself with a dildo, fingering her clit while working towards an orgasm, or using the thick neck of a bottle to fill herself up. My favorite video shows Trista on her hands and knees getting fucked hard from behind. Much of it is filmed in front of her face, so while we don’t see the penetration we do get to see her mouth hanging wide open in pleasure as she moans to be fucked harder. I think the videos are actually better than the picture galleries, largely because they follow through on the hardcore promises made on the tour.

There’s a page on the site for Trista’s webcam videos, but it looks like she stopped shooting new content before she ever got around to doing a show. Sadly, that page is empty and you won’t ever get to see Trista do a live show. Happily, there are other girls in the Spunky network that perform every week and you can watch them free of charge with your membership. On average there are three shows per week. I’ve seen a few and they’re just as good as the webcam shows you pay a fortune for. You’ll need Internet Explorer to participate in the shows.

In the short time Trista worked on her site she kept a journal in which she posed 127 entries. Most contain inconsequential details of her life but reading them is a good way to learn more about your favorite model. If you like to feel a connection with the girls you pay to see naked reading the journal is the best way to do so. Although Trista does not actively post on them you can also visit the forums to chat with other members of the site. There are usually lively discussions going on. The friends page offers 20 galleries courtesy of other solo models on the web and they provide a nice change of pace.

One of the best things about joining TristaStevens is the 10 bonus sites that come free with your membership. There’s enough content across all 10 sites to last you several months, if not years. Eight of them are solo babe sites designed just like Trista’s, although they lack the kind of hardcore content Trista provides for you. Instead you’ll see lots of topless posing, sexy lingerie, and more. There is a hardcore site in the mix, but it’s an uninspiring collection of porn star galleries and videos purchased from a content provider. The tenth site features two hot young babes posing naked together.

Croco’s Opinion

Trista Stevens may have quit her job before she was able to create a significant backlog of content, but she still produced enough in the short time she was active to leave her mark. The fact that she doesn’t shy away from hardcore content separates her from most solo babes on the web and stands as one of the best reasons to join her site. Watching her get fucked doggy style will make you feel as though you’ve made a strong investment. Also, the live webcam shows and bonus sites that come free are a plus.


The site design is one of the most fluid I’ve seen on a solo babe site. Accessing any content area is easy.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card or online check. Either way it’s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $19.95 every 30 days after that.

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